A New Home

Hello Beautiful People!

When I set out on the crtvty project two years ago, I didn’t know where it would actually lead. I had hoped to ¬†build a forum to explore interesting issues related to creativity and innovation, to document interesting findings from the academic world, and to share how I tried to scuttle my own wedding by providing the guests with catapults.

This blog has given all that and more, and is finally (after a few sad months of neglect) moving to a new home! My new blog at douglashannah.com/blog explores a lot of the same issues, and I hope to build it into the same exciting place that crtvty has been.

You can stay up to date by signing up for email updates at the new blog (using the “Subscribe” feature), adding this link to your favorite RSS reader, or following me on Twitter (@dphannah). Thanks for all your comments and inspiration. It’s been, and continues to be, a really fun adventure!


Hello world!

This blog is an experiment. It’s purpose is simple: to capture and share some small corner of the creative world. Creative thought and and human ingenuity are amazing phenomena, capable of producing anything from sublime beauty to the invisible and incremental innovations that shape our daily lives. Moreover, we as individuals seldom stop to recognize or analyze our own creative behaviors, despite the potential empowerment and happiness that doing so may provide. While there’s no shortage of talented scholars devoted to understanding the impact and existence of creativity, I hope that through this blog I might simply participate in that conversation, share what I learn with those who care, and (most importantly) document my own exploration through a new and exciting place.